General Express provide customs clearance service on the shipments of any kind or quantity in all airports or Egyptian ports, Our long experience in the field of customs clearance and Egyptian customs regulations and others enable us to control and access your goods to your warehouse in a timely manner and we always adapts to the changes to modify our system to fit with the changes of customs complex by our offices in all Egyptian ports and airports

- Give the client's instructions that must be met to complete the import or export in order to avoid any obstacles or delay the implementation of customs procedures or the occurrence of any fines at any time 

- As we carry out any special measures in any international agreements between Egypt and all the countries associated with the international conventions 

- We guarantee the rights and interests of clients examine the quantities and quality, and product analysis accurately to ensure the availability of conditions that must be taken in the import or export of which require the conduct of customs procedures easily and conveniently.

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HEAD OFFICE : Office No. 3 – BLDG No. 26 – Area No. 5 - Misr El Taamer Buildings – Sheraton Heliopolis – Cairo

Tel. (02) 22 696 317  Fax. (02) 22 696 318

Account Manager

Mohamed Gaber

MOB : 01066686936 - 01210877774

Freight Manager

Khaled Fahmy

MOB : 01220020085

 Manager Clearance

Mostafa Sabry

MOB :  01279090461

Operation Manager

Osama El Zorkany

MOB : 01210500045

Cairo airport office  
 Alexandria Port Office

port Said Office
Sokhna Port Office

Damietta Port Office

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