Genaral expres offers Inland transportation service as our network covers all geographic points in Egypt, executing shipping needs safely and efficiently with the utmost security for storing all goods. We follow standard procedures of trapping and binding flatbeds and step decks. Transport of cargo for Export and Import including storage with direct transport.


Insurance is the one who keeps the continuity of your business as we are not shipping company only but our discourses wider Logistics, So we understand very well how important insurance on your goods during the phases of different shipping we created a department our insurance mainly to secure the destruction on the entire value of the goods that we are migrating to our customers as we can also that we insurance to individuals and companies in their shipments own so  General Express Company provides insurance services to its customers as part of our services in logistics with the knowledge that insurance (against all dangers) is the safest way and benefit the most credibility even in cases of total loss of the ship or total loss also

Through our warehouses and other services such as packaging we can give our customers shipments bundled services to our customers, which saves a lot of money for the client, it is possible through the use of LCL instead of FCL in certain types and sizes of shipments that provide a lot of money and time

Key Features

• Packaging - Re-Packaging 
• Weight and scalable shipments 
• Dealing with documents with high accuracy because they are very important in the field of consolidated shipments


General Express Company offers shipping service with a high degree of specialization and efficiency, we can meet all the needs of our customers with regard to maritime shipping, we can through our dealer network can provide all additional services with respect to shipments contained , transportation and all the procedures required outside Egypt so as to ensure a smooth pick-up and delivery loading and transportation of goods without the slightest problem and that for the full container shipments or part of the container we are working to ensure that your shipment sail smoothly according to a specific timetable



Key Features:

- Direct shipping covers more than 350 destinations in the world. 
- Download dates fixed by the movement of ships. 
- The possibility of reserving container by e-mail. 
- Network services and global agents. 
- Flexibility in dealing. 
- A clear vision for the system of shipping.


- International transport (Freight air and ground) all kind of cargo ( FCL & LCL )

- Customs Clearance offices in all Egyptian ports in addition to the Office of the Cargo Village at Cairo airport

- Logistics services to and from all over the world through a network of agents accredited

- International Shipping agents accredited to all shipping lines and airlines

- Consolidated Cargo Services (consolidation)

- Import and export services

- Innovative solutions for logistics services and follow-up shipments

- Transfer services from all ports to all Egyptian cities

- Refrigerated transport services

- Transit services and goods in transit

- Insurance policies sea and air cargo

- Project Management and Supply Chain

- Consulting to provide logistical and training

- Approved the issuance of certificates of origin of all kinds for all parties in accordance with the agreements




General Express provide customs clearance service on the shipments of any kind or quantity in all airports or Egyptian ports, Our long experience in the field of customs clearance and Egyptian customs regulations and others enable us to control and access your goods to your warehouse in a timely manner and we always adapts to the changes to modify our system to fit with the changes of customs complex by our offices in all Egyptian ports and airports

- Give the client's instructions that must be met to complete the import or export in order to avoid any obstacles or delay the implementation of customs procedures or the occurrence of any fines at any time 

- As we carry out any special measures in any international agreements between Egypt and all the countries associated with the international conventions 

- We guarantee the rights and interests of clients examine the quantities and quality, and product analysis accurately to ensure the availability of conditions that must be taken in the import or export of which require the conduct of customs procedures easily and conveniently.


General Express Company offers storage services as an integral part of the bunch Logistics offered by the company, the use of General Express service in storage reduces fixed costs for customers and turn it into variable costs.

There is no need to buy the stores do not need to buy software to manage the stores do not need to hire new staff to follow up and monitor the stores could do all of this on behalf of our customers to save time and effort 
Our general stores and warehouses under customs escort and security around the clock 
We want the customer to put his focus on the total investment and we're complementary services even gets the job done in the best way possible.


We at General Express understand very well the importance of the time factor for the client and air freight for shipments generally air, so we have a dedicated team mission that only works on air shipment in order to ensure that the shipment arrives on time and manner. As the network of agents abroad provide us with very important features enabled us to follow up on shipments and accelerate the rate of shipping as soon as possible to confirm the booking after getting the best price. 

· Key Features

· Load cargo from anywhere. 
· Specialists for the transport of dangerous goods. 
· Transport services door to door. 
• Provide spaces on planes on all lines of air cargo.

- Freight services on the same day (depending on the type of shipment).

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HEAD OFFICE : Office No. 3 – BLDG No. 26 – Area No. 5 - Misr El Taamer Buildings – Sheraton Heliopolis – Cairo

Tel. (02) 22 696 317  Fax. (02) 22 696 318

Account Manager

Mohamed Gaber

MOB : 01066686936 - 01210877774

Freight Manager

Khaled Fahmy

MOB : 01220020085

 Manager Clearance

Mostafa Sabry

MOB :  01279090461

Operation Manager

Osama El Zorkany

MOB : 01210500045

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